Air Law

Air Law

Regulatory Work

Airline licensing: start ups, licenses, AOC, airworthiness, etc.. Private Law aspects: incorporation of companies.
Aircraft certification and registration.

Relations with the competent Aviation Authority and its delegations in the Spanish territory.

Administrative disciplinary proceedings.

  • Liability Claims and Insurance
  • Liability claims related to carriage of passengers, cargo and baggage.
  • Claims for liability in tort. Damage to third parties on the surface and others.
  • Product Liability.
  • Handling and deposit. Contracts and claims.
  • Claims against AENA.
  • Air accidents and incidents: handling, negotiation, court and out-of-court resolution.
  • Air Insurance and Reinsurance: policies, drafting. Claims.

Contracts on Aircraft and their use and operation

  • Financing and sale and purchase of aircrafts.
  • Aircraft leasing.
  • Aircraft repossession and enforcement of court and arbitration decisions issued abroad. Precautionary measures.