Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Regulatory work:

Registration and flagging of Ships: private and public law aspects.

Relations with the Directorate General of the Merchant Marine.

Contracts on Ships, their use and operation

  • Shipbuilding Contracts and Sale and Purchase Contracts.
  • Ship Finance. Ship Mortgage and other security. Loan agreements.
  • Contracts for the use of Ships: Charters and Bareboat Charters.
  • Carriage of goods by sea: charter, carriage under bill of lading. Liability of Carrier. Limitation of Liability.
  •  Carriage of persons by sea.
  • Arrest of ships. Enforcement of mortgages and maritime licenses.

Liability Claims and Insurance

  • Cargo claims
  • Passengers claims.
  • Insurance and Reinsurance.
  • Claims for damage to third parties: collisions.
  • Sea pollution.
  • Salvage and towage.
  • Gross Average.